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About Globally Assured

GAC Concept : GAC assures that the product and services fulfils relevant requirements based on standards, so that customers can trust and be Assure of the products and services, but also on the opportunity to focus on your own services added value and thus achieving your business goals.

GAC refers to administrative and procedural activities implemented in a system so that requirements and goals for a product, service or activity will be fulfilled. It is the systematic analysation of process and comparison with a standard, this not only assures the customer loyalty towards product and service also adds value to brand equity.   

Why Choose Us

Experience & Expertise
GAC consists of a team of experienced auditors, survey team and related industries specialists with hands full of experience. We provide this service to leading organizations in various segments within the public sector and business market. This means you are always assured of specialists with knowledge of and experience in your industry.

Importance of GAC:
1) Customer loyalty towards the product or service :  For corporate Customer satisfaction is a key for success. GAC can be seen as a key performance indicator which will help to maintain the loyalty of customer towards brand and services.

2) Helps in Point Of Difference : Two businesses that offer the exact same product. What will make you choose one over the other? GAC will give the solution for this. If the product is GAC certified the value for the product and service will be assured hence this will help the new customer to take a right decision. This is an example of where customer satisfaction goes full circle. Not only can customer satisfaction help you keep a finger on the pulse of your existing customers, it can also act as a point of differentiation for new customers.

3) Avoids Negative word of mouth : How much will that affect your business and its reputation in your industry? Customer satisfaction is tightly linked to revenue and repeat purchases. What often gets forgotten is how customer satisfaction negatively impacts your business. It’s one thing to lose a customer because they were unhappy. It’s another thing completely to lose customers because of some bad word of mouth. Successful businesses understand the importance of customer lifetime value (CLV) and brand name in the market hence by achieving GAC you can assure the standard of the products and service. Furthermost ‘totally satisfied customer’ contributes more revenue than a ‘somewhat dissatisfied customer.

4) Attain the excellence : GAC supports the management  to attain the excellence required to go to that new, next level. It assurance that the set of activities, processes and products attends the required standard and procedures.
Standards are the established criteria to which the s product and service are compared.
Procedures are the established criteria to which the development and control processes are compared.
GAC Compliance with established requirements, standards, and procedures is evaluated through process monitoring, product evaluation, audits, and survey. This adds value to the product and service and supports managements to attend the new next level.