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Here is Frequenty Asked Question

  1. What is Globally Assured Certificate?
    Globally Assured Certificate is a certification of product and services on fulfillment of relevant requirements based on standards, as a  third party it proves that the products and services fulfill the specified requirements, so that customers can Trust and be Assure of the products and services.

  2. What are different types of Globally Assured Certificate?
    We cover all relevant sectors which directly or indirectly effects individuals. We offers Assurance on quality, safety, sustainability, hygiene, durability of products, environmental friendly, quality of services, compliance with laws and regulations, reliability of suppliers and social responsibility. All this criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to receive Globally Assured Certificate.

  3. How Can I obtain Globally Assured Certificate?
    The Organisation need to apply for Globally Assured Certificate. It depends on the Size, location, Products and services of the organization. After receipt of your application, you can use self assessment checklist, after that there will be on site assessment to check criteria are fulfilled as per respective standard then only orgnisation will be granted certificate, with validity of one year.

  4. Is it Applicable to my Industry?
    Globally Assured Certificate is applicable to most of the sector with different categories. The sectors such as Manufacturing, Information technology, Hotels, Hospitals, Service Providers, Educational Institutes etc.

  5. Whom should we contact?
    We are always there to help you. You can email us : info@globallyassured.com Or visit our contact us form and provide details our representative will contact you.

  6. How to use Globally Assured Logo?
    During the validity of certificate Globally Assured can be used in Marketing Materials like website, Letterheads, Visiting cards, Brochure and Promotional material. The Globally Assured logo is property of Pyramid and cannot be distorted and modified.

  7. Do we have to obtain ISO certification first?
    No. ISO certification is not require to obtain Globally Assured. However Globally Assured is easily identified by customers and public.