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Below you can find more information about our Green Hospital Certificate

Hospitals need to cope with various challenges in order to be sustainably profitable and thus fulfill economic as well as ecological requirements. Patient health, community health, and environmental health are all negatively affected by multiple aspects of hospital construction, design, and maintenance. The inadequate ventilation found in most hospitals also contributes to the poor indoor air quality and pollution. widely used in the production of IV bags, plastic tubing, and other health care supplies, releases the carcinogen dioxin, which has been associated with a number of other health problems. green hospitals have been shown to reduce long-term energy costs.  In addition, there is a growing consensus among the health care profession that pollutants generated by medical facilities must be reduced.  Moreover, green hospital design has been linked to better patient outcomes and staff retention. The GAC gives a clear signal to the public that in Green Hospital  the management takes its environmental commitment serious.